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Does Rinse Aid make a difference? 


You pick the brand - but yes, use rinse aid for best results 

Do I need to change the hoses on my washer? 

Washing MAchine

Yes - Washing machine inlet hoses should be changed every 5 years to be safe

Electric stove burners and oven stopped working?

stove / Oven

Turn the circuit breaker that powers the appliance off & back on again.  Odds are high you just fixed the issue

Do we need to clean our dryer vent?

Clothes Dryer

Yes, we advise you to have your dryer exhaust vent cleaned every 1-2 years

What is the best way to maintain my refrigerator?


Condenser cleaning is a great thing to consider each spring - Especially on Sub-Zero

How often should we change our ice & water filter?

 Ice & water

That partly depends on how often it is used, but at least every 6 months