Refrigerator not making ice?

Do you or your family members on Long Island make regular deposits from the ice and water dispenser on the refrigerator at home?

Do you loved iced coffee but your ice maker stopped being a team player?

If you can relate or answered yes, read this quick but informative post on refrigerator water filters.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator water filter

Water coming out slower than usual or ice maker not working?

The water filter has been known to cause both the ice maker to slow production rates (possibly to zero) and also reduce the flow of water coming out of the dispenser.

Most home refrigerators today that have an ice maker or water dispenser will use a water filter.

We say most because not all units have them built into the appliance.

If you’re not sure if your refrigerator has a water filter, check out the owners manual. (Reading the owners manual actually helps – who knew?)

When was the last time you changed your refrigerator ice/water filter?

If you answered never, or more than 6 months ago, it’s very likely time to buy a new filter and replace the old one.

Nearly all home appliance manufacturers (Frigidaire, GE, Maytag, Sub-Zero….) advise to change them at least every 6 months – (Depending on usage)

If the water and or ice dispenser is a hot commodity at home, you may need to change it sooner than 6 months. (Refer to filter specifications for consumption rates)

Our appliance repairmen have been on quite a few service calls that simply needed a replacement water filter when the homeowner discovered the unit was not making ice.

Water filters play different roles on different units.

The water filter, will filter debris from both the ice maker and the water dispenser on many units.

On other units, the water filter may only be used to filter the water that is coming out of the dispenser. (More common with older refrigerator designs)

Generic vs original filters

We understand the value of a dollar and can appreciate a good discount. Our repairman however will advise you to stick with original opposed to generic water filters.

We have 2 simple reasons:

  • Some generic replacement filters actually don’t fit properly and will not work at all.
  • We don’t want to chance OEM quality assurance testing on a discount that might only net the buyer +/- $20.00 (health before financial wealth)

“Pay a little more for the peace of mind which accompanies an OEM water filter.”

When it’s time to replace filter – “clear the line.”

While sometimes our Long Island appliance repairman will be needed to help change a water filter for a variety of reasons, replacing the filter is typically something homeowners can do themselves.

When you change your water filter be sure to clear the line of air and debris.

How to clear the line:

After swapping the old filter out with the new one simply grab a large cup and fill it up with water. Empty the cup when it’s full and repeat that process about 6 more times.

You may notice the water slow down and even increase or starts “spitting.” This is normal and it’s likely just the air pressure in the line being cleared.

Thats it, you did it. 🙂

Want to learn a few other appliance repairman maintenance tips and tricks will really help your appliances run efficiently?

If you got this far and your ice or water dispenser is still not working properly, you may need an appliance repairman to come evaluate things for you a bit closer.

If you live near Sayville or West Islip Long Island, East Appliance Repair Inc. is here to help.

Well that’s it, we hope you enjoyed learning about water filters and what to do if your refrigerator stops making ice and or dispensing water.

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If you have a refrigerator in Long Island that is not working remember:

“This too shall pass.”

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