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Viking Professional Refrigerator

Our Long Island appliance team was recently out on a service call for a Viking Professional refrigerator repair in West Islip.

We had the chance to work right on the water in the West Islip 11795 area code.

The initial reason for the repair service call was for a refrigerator that was leaking on the floor and into the cabinets.

While the leak was minimal, our friend MR. homeowner just recently renovated the kitchen and was not too interested in a leaking fridge.

The water was leaking down the left side of the freezer section under the cabinet and around the door.

viking refrigerator repair - water leaking on floor
Water leaking on floor and migrating into cabinetry on left

Refrigerator Repairman Steps to resolve the leak

The 1st step in our refrigerator diagnostic approach was checking temperatures in the freezer to verify this was not a defrosting issue.

After verifying 4 degrees in the freezer we continued our search for the issue.

We progressed by removing the toe kick at the base of the appliance to access the ice maker water valve and line.

While we did notice water droplets from the front to the rear of the unit, all was good with the water valve.

Moving forward our refrigerator repairman removed the top panel of the built-in refrigerator to gain access to the unit compartment.

Viking Professional Refrigerator Repair - Unit Compartment

All good on the top deck except for noticing this unit was over due for a condenser cleaning.

Appliance Repairman Tip**

Condenser cleaning is important on all refrigerator brands but especially for built-in refrigerator like this Viking Professional.

Want to learn other appliance repairman tips like this condenser cleaning advice? Check out our appliance repairman maintenance tips page

Verifying the door seals and checking the energy saver function on the refrigerator we went for a quick conversation about ambient temperatures.

West Islip NY in mid June of 2020 had temperatures between 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

What does that have to do with refrigerator repair?

In this refrigerator repair service call equation, it meant everything.

When heat begins to rise, that often means humidity follows suit. Humidity around a frozen door found in a Viking Professional can condense and turn to water droplets.

After explaining this possibility to the homeowner, we advised to monitor the unit following a bit of climate control in the kitchen.

***(Air Conditioning system on, leak solved! – all well again)

Well that’s it, another refrigerator repair in the books.

We learned about the Viking Professional refrigerator brand, our repair approach, condenser cleaning and a fruit of climate control.

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about our recent Viking Professional Refrigerator Repair in West Islip NY.

Want to learn more about Viking appliance repair and our service team?

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If you have a refrigerator in Long Island that is not working remember:

“This too shall pass.”

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