Sub-Zero Compressor Replacement


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Sub-Zero Refrigerator Stopped Cooling?

Let's explore a few tips that can help if you need a Sub-Zero compressor replacement.

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Warranty repair

Replacement cost

Can I fix it myself?

Warranty Repair

Is your refrigerator under 12 years old and not cooling?

Many Sub-Zero refrigerators come with a 7-12 year warranty on their compressor - which means it may be fixed for free** 

Can I fix it myself?

Compressor replacement is a very specialized repair which since the year 1994, has also required licensing from the EPA.

Compressor Replacement Cost

Specific model (500, 600, 700, BI-48) geographical location, material availability & cost all contribute to final repair cost accuracy.  

In our experience Sub-Zero compressor replacement cost is typically no less than $1400.00.

Compressor Replacement Summary

If your Sub-Zero refrigerator is less than 10 years old, please contact Sub-Zero directly.

We think you're great - seriously.  A Sub-Zero compressor replacement however requires a licensed repairman. 


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Sub-Zero is known for their world class, highly customizable designs.  That being said, repair cost will be at a premium.  

If you live on Long Island, NY and need someone to help with your Sub-Zero refrigerator, our repair team is a phone call away.


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