Refrigerator Repair Diagnostic Tools

Refrigerator repair fluke digital multi meter and clamp meter

Quality refrigerator repair service in Westhampton Long Island, NY and for that matter around the world, is contingent upon a few variables:

  • Right tools
  • Right information
  • Right attitude

“I cannot always be right for sometimes I am left and not right.”

BFG (The Movie)

For this particular post we will explore and learn about 2 of the most commonly used tools by professionals in refrigerator repair.

Repair today for brands like Sub-Zero, Viking, Bosch and many others involve working with, evaluating and testing electronic controls.

Refrigerator repair technicians regularly work with both low voltage DC and high voltage AC applications.

Appliance Repair Electrical Shock Hazard warning sticker
A warning sticker seasoned appliance repair service technicians are quite familiar with

The Digital Multi-Meter

Fluke Digital Meter reading 10.2 degrees on home refrigerator
Checking the temperature on a freezer near East Islip Long Island NY (-10.2 degrees is a win)

Taking measurements with a multi-meter is how the best refrigerator repair service companies pin point both the issue causing malfunction and the solution for the homeowner.

Better quality multi-meters can check volts, ohms, capacitance, temperature and more.

fluke brand digital multi-meter reading 120VAC
Live Circuit – 120 volts

Most appliances, including Sub-Zero built-in refrigerators, run on 120volts AC.

While inside the unit there will be various controls like an inverter that change the supply voltage around up or down, home refrigerators on Long Island start with 120VAC.

Our repair service will often test refrigerator and freezer defrost heaters and fan motors for 120volts.

Quick Temp Testing

refrigerator infrared thermometer reading 36 degrees

While the multi-meter we use can check temps, our infrared temperature testing tool is our go to and 1st step for all of our long Island refrigerator repair service calls.

Klien brand orange infrared thermometer

Curious to know why?

We take temperature readings as step # 1 because we want to know the exact state and condition of the appliance before we have the doors open too long during disassembly and diagnostics.

Knowing true temperature reading helps us to accurately navigate our quest and find the reason for repair in your home.

This holds true for all brands including Sub-Zero, GE Monogram, Liebherr and more…..

(If you have a Sub-Zero at home check out our recent SZ sealed system repair post.)

We believe using the right tools is a critical step in quality repair services.

“The right tool makes the job.”

Author – Unknown

If you or anybody you know has a refrigerator that is no longer cooling, not starting or simply needs a well trained appliance repair service near Westhampton or Hampton Bays Long Island, NY—- East Appliance Repair can help. 

We can also help with Sub-Zero repair in Quogue, Sayville, East Islip and many other Suffolk County towns. 

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If you have a refrigerator in Long Island that is not working remember:

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