Maytag Dryer not heating?

Maytag dryer not heating?

Learn 3 tips that can help

Electric dryers sometimes trip "half-way" at the home circuit breaker 

"Electric Dryer Reset"

Find the circuit breaker panel and turn the switch completely off* and then back on again

Turn your dryer on and check for heat 

Heavy, normal, cotton, jeans are all considered automatic cycles that are run and monitored by sensors

Auto Vs. Timed Dry 

Selecting a 60 minute timed dry cycle at high heat will bypass sensor cycles and rely on system thermostats

If you normally use an automatic cycle as mentioned above, try using a timed dry setting.  You may find your dryer happily heats once again

Last but not least we think you should consider the last time you had the exhaust venting cleaned


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Maytag and most manufacturers advise having your dryer exhaust vent cleaned every 1-2 years

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