THe Holidays are near

Learn Tips to avoid last minute oven failure

It's a day or two before Christmas & your oven is not heating

Holiday Math Problem

Chances are low scheduling an oven repair near December 24th will be easy

Skip The Game Of Chance 
Plan For Success

Turn up the heat 

"The Early bird Plan"

3-2-1- Turn the Ignition

Open / Close The Door

Self-Clean Vs Muscle Clean

Turn up the heat
use something sweet

Step 1

Test your oven ahead of time  

Bake something 2-3 weeks before your oven will be in high demand

If the oven does well, you will likely be fine on the big day.  If not you still have plenty of time to schedule a repairman

Open / Close the door

Step 2

The oven door helps keep the heat inside  

If your oven door is making noise or not closing tight you may need an oven door adjustment or hinge replacement

Step 3: 

Test your gas stove ignitions

Turn on the top burners and see if your ignitions light on their own.  

If they light, great.  If they take a while to ignite or don't light at all, there is still time for a repairman.

We specialize in Bosch, Wolf & Viking range repair**

Self-Clean VS muscle clean

Step 4:

If needed, use self-clean 3 weeks before the big day

If you must clean & that date has passed, use a bit of old fashioned muscle for the time being

You did a trial run heat test, checked the door, top burner ignitions and initiated self-clean 3 weeks prior to the big day...


If all has worked out well so far, we believe you have planned for success

If something did not pass the test, you should still have plenty of time to schedule a local oven repairman.

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