Lg refrigerator not cold enough

Stainless steel Lg Refrigerator panel with error code on display

The LG motto is Life is good, but if the refrigerator is not cold enough, that philosophy may be hard to swallow.

While we appreciate the LG optimistic approach noted above, let’s get into a few steps that can really help in a LG refrigerator no cooling situation.

Step 1 – LG refrigerator not cold enough? Start with your model #

LG refrigerator model number and serial number sticker

All Lg refrigerators are built with a model number sticker in the refrigerator section.

This information is very helpful to both refrigerator repairmen, and the homeowner.

Why you ask?

Let’s use the model number sticker above as an example.

In the photo you should find 2 important bits of information. This information is the Model # and the Serial number.

In this step 1 approach we will focus on the serial number.

The LG serial number above begins with the digits “807.”

Those first 3 digits tell our appliance repair service company that the particular LG refrigerator was built in July of 2018.

Pretty cool right?

Now that we learned how to find the date of manufacturing, let’s talk about the extended refrigerator warranty.

Step 2: Call Your Refrigerator Repairman and have a chat

Our Suffolk County NY appliance repair service company loves to help people.

When we are contacted by someone looking for appliance repair help on Long Island, we typically have a few questions.

We ask things like:

  • What Brand is the refrigerator?
  • How old is the refrigerator?
  • What have you noticed it doing or not doing?

Learning the appliance brand, age and a description of the issue at hand, helps us to advise on next steps.

When we learn that an LG refrigerator built after 2013 is not cooling, we typically advise our client to contact LG for an extended warranty repair.

Step 3: LG Refrigerator Extended Warranty Update***

Most LG refrigerators built between 2015 and 2018 came with a 1-2 year sealed system labor warranty.

LG however changed the game and tilted the scales in the favor of their clients. (Nice work LG**)

Ready for a bit of inside advice from a refrigerator repairman?

LG Refrigerators built after 2018 are still in a parts and labor warranty for a sealed system repair.

Social media post about Lg 5 year warranty on sealed system refrigerator repair for refrigerators built before 2018

Warranty Note*

While the refrigerator may be covered by the extended warranty, it may take them a few weeks to service the product.

If you have followed the steps outlined above and need help a bit sooner than LG is able to offer, please contact our refrigerator repair service.

We may be able to work with LG as an outside vendor under special circumstances.

Be sure to check out our dry ice post if you find that the refrigerator warranty service may take a bit

Well that’s it! We hoped you enjoyed reading about what to do if you have an LG refrigerator that is not cold enough.

If you or anybody you know has a refrigerator that is not cold enough, not starting, not making ice or simply needs a trained appliance repairman –

East Appliance want’s to help*

We service CommackEast IslipSayvilleOakdale and many other Suffolk County Long Island NY towns too. 

If you have a refrigerator in Long Island that is not working remember:

“This too shall pass.”

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