GE glass Stove Top Replacement

Let's explore replacement / repair options for a GE Glass Stove Top that is cracked

Manufacturers Warranty 

The 4 Options

Let's talk about the benefits each offer with a bit more detail...

DIY Glass Top Replacement

Hire A Local Repairman

Replace The Stove

General Electric & most other brands offer a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase

1. Stove Warranty 

If you're within that time frame and the glass top broke under normal usage, we advise to call the appliance manufacturer 

2. DIY Glass Stove Top Replacement

Photographs, Patience and Persistence are a few recommended tools for this DIY project

Click the arrow for photos of a glass stove top replacement we recently helped with for a local Deer Park Long Island, NY client

3. Hiring a local appliance repairman to help

While replacing the glass stove top on an electric range is not the most difficult repair of them all, it is far from the easiest


Hiring an local appliance repair service is often a great idea to save money, get back to cooking & save the stove from a landfill

Get a photo of the stove top & have your model # ready when you call.  This helps your repairman expedite things for you and may even let you know the cost for repair

Learn how to find an appliance model number

4. Replacing your older stove with new

Sometimes complete range replacement is the only logical step

We think it's smart to at least contact a local repair company (with your model number + photos ready) and ask for a ballpark estimate on the stove glass replacement cost

Having a repair quote will really help with your cost analysis when considering a new range


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